When the monuments speak

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ECG Productions has finished work on the documentary film “When the Monuments Speak”. The documentary is dedicated to the history of the Polish community in Canada. According to the Canadian Encyclopedia: “The first Polish immigrant on record, was Dominik Barcz, came to Canada in 1752. He was a fur merchant from Gdańsk who settled in Montreal. Now Canada’s 2016 Census, states approximately 200,000 Canadians speak Polish as a mother tongue language. And there are 1,106,585 Canadians who claimed full or partial Polish heritage, making the Polish community one of the largest and most influential in Canada. Polish Canadians strongly preserve the traditions and culture of their Motherland. And they remember Poland’s dramatic history too. There are many monuments erected across Canada in honour of prominent Polish citizens or to memorialize events in Polish-Canadian history. There are seven such monuments across the country of special significance. These monuments provide a lesson in Polish history, a fascinating glimpse into the contributions of Polish citizens and immigrants to global achievements as well as to the development of Canada and the history of the Polish Canadian relationship. We are looking forward to the film premier at the Polish Cultural Center in Toronto. Stay tuned for further announcements.

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