On the Waves of Ukrainian Music

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In 2019, ECG Productions began filming a new project called On the Waves of Ukrainian Music, dedicated to the crème de la crème of the Ukrainian musical culture. Initially, we were planning to organize and film a big concert where all the stars of Ukrainian music residing in Toronto would perform, but a pandemic intervened in our plans. The concert halls got closed, a lockdown was announced and we had to come up with plan B. The film Director Olena Tumanska found a way out of a seemingly hopeless situation. In a rare moment when the lockdown restrictions were lifted in Toronto, Olena invited the artists to perform in the open air.  Surprisingly enough, this made the film even brighter, more dynamic and more interesting to watch. We filmed on the shores of Lake Ontario, in a golf club that was closed for a day for the ECG Productions crew and at a few busy Toronto intersections and in many, many other locations. Thanks to our skillful cameramen, the professionalism of decorators, and the talent of the artists, we were able to capture the spirit of Ukrainian music without leaving Ontario. The premiere screening of this unique film-concert will take place in Spring,  2022 and, no doubt will become the event of the year for the entire Ukrainian community in North America.
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