Official trailer for the “Yes, You Can!”

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We have some exciting updates regarding the “Yes, You Can!” series! We’ve been making great progress, and in this post we are thrilled to share the official trailer for the series! Director and Writer Olena Tumanska DOP Vladimir Strungar Camera operators Kyba Ivan, Victor, Andrew Rawlik, Vlad Posudevski, Second director – Daryna Hlotova-Myhaylenko Music composer…

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Filming process “Yes, You Can!” Series

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We thought for a long time how to shoot the moment of the jump, and finally found a solution! (Director Olena TUMANSKA, ECG Productions, 2023)

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January 27 is Holocaust Remembrance Day

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Until 2022, the Holocaust was a tragedy for the Jews. After February 24, it turned out that “Jews” could be anyone. This is a prayer song, the words of which were written by the Hungarian Jewess Hanna Senesh, who fought against Nazism, was taken prisoner, and got executed by Nazis.

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Odessa during the war

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A fragment of our program with the participation of clarinetist Julian Milkis during his trip to Odessa in the summer of 2022.

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In Georgia, they said farewell to the legendary actor of Soviet cinema Vakhtang Kikabidze

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In the film of our company “Giya Kancheli: I used to hate clarinet” there is an episode with the participation of Kikabidze. Viewers can observe how Vakhtang Konstantinovich first argues with the sound engineer, but when Kancheli turns to Kikabidze with a request, he unconditionally obeys. Two legendary artists – a composer and an actor…

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Watch Taste the Diversity on ECG Productions YouTube

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Have you seen it already? We have uploaded all 10 episodes of Taste the Diversity, First Season to ECG Productions YouTube channel. This is an insightful culinary show dedicated to various cuisines from all over the world. Its tagline “Take a gastronomic trip around the world without leaving your house!” is the best description of…

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