Celebrating Olena Tumanska’s Acclaimed Documentary ‘Taiko: Music Of The Strong’

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We are thrilled to present a promotional video celebrating the recognition of our esteemed colleague, Olena Tumanska @olena_tumanska, for her documentary ‘Taiko: Music Of The Strong’, which explores the forcible relocation of Japanese Canadians during WWII. Expertly crafted by Vlad Strungar, this video showcases the cinematic excellence that has garnered Tumanska well-deserved accolades.

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ECG Productions films a duo concert performed by Levon Oganezov and Igor Portnoi

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As mentioned in our previous update, during April, the ECG Productions team had the honor of recording a mesmerizing duo concert showcasing the talents of pianist Levon Oganezov, alongside Broadway singer and actor Igor Portnoi. Among the repertoire, the rendition of “Winds of Change” (verses written by Naum Olev), left a profound impression on the…

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Officer Waltz by Levon Ohanezov and Igor Portnoi

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In April, the ECG Productions team had the privilege to film a captivating duo concert featuring the renowned and multifaceted musician, pianist, composer, satirist, entertainer, and TV presenter, Levon Oganezov, alongsideide Broadway singer and actor Igor Portnoi @igorportnoi. The performance of various songs deeply resonated with the audience, particularly the timeless classic “Officer Waltz,” penned…

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Insights from Tamara Eidelman’s Lecture

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The video shows a fragment of Tamara Eidelman’s lecture in Toronto on the 5th of April. Many people from Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, and Israel feel despair at times today, stemming from the inability to effect change and the sense of the meaninglessness of actions. The lecture contains an appeal to Viktor Frankl, who developed his…

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Fado: A Musica da Alma Portuguesa

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We are delighted to unveil a promotional video celebrating the well-deserved recognition bestowed upon our esteemed colleague, the talented film director Olena Tumanska, for her captivating documentary film, ‘Fado: A Musica da Alma Portuguesa’. Crafted with finesse by Vlad Strungar, this promotional piece offers a glimpse into the cinematic excellence that has earned accolades for…

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Watch Now “KaKbare 13 Tables”

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“KaKbare 13 tables” in “The Amazing Cat” Studio is ready now for viewing! Brilliant performance by Nikolai Terentyev, poet Liliya Sklyar, artists Anastasia Pogorelova, Ekaterina Konysheva, and Tim Kachurov, at the celebration of team creativity! The stage came to life, spun, and twisted, the audience roared with laughter and you were filled with the energy…

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New episode from the series “Parks of Canada” dedicated to Edwards Gardens

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In our ongoing series spotlighting “Parks of Canada,” we’re excited to introduce our followers to a fresh episode featuring Edwards Gardens, nestled within Toronto Botanical Garden. This tranquil installment beckons visitors to meander along its meandering pathways, immersing themselves in the splendor of spring. From the exquisite cherry blossoms to the aromatic magnolias, every aspect…

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Mono Cliffs Provincial Park

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Filming by our team in the series “Ontario Parks”. Here is an episode (camera and editing) by Ismail Atiev. Great job!

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Short video of Toronto Downtown, edited by Ivan Kyba

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It is our passion for what we do that turns ordinary into extraordinary and finds poetry in the everyday flow of life. We love Toronto – its diversity and peacefulness, its blossoming greenery when the spring arrives. Downtown is a perfect place to capture all of these elements and our talented team member Ivan Kyba…

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An Interview Hour with Father Nestor Mykhailechko

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A new episode of the program “An Interview Hour with Gregory Antimony” is now available on our YouTube channel: In this episode, Gregory Antimony took an interview with Father Nestor Mykhailechko and they discussed such topics as the role of war chaplains, how to stop evil and why are Russians different from Ukrainians. Here are…

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